Accelerator Innovation Pilot Project Preparation

NEW: Evaluation Criteria

The European Commission will open in November 2019 the Horizon 2020 call INFRAINNOV-04-2020 for Innovation Pilot projects, directed at Research Infrastructure networks to kick-start the implementation of common strategies and roadmaps for technological developments required for improving their services through partnership with industry. Thanks to the high level of integration reached by our community and to the quality of our previous initiatives, the Commission has selected “Innovation in accelerator technologies” as one of the priority domains for this call.

Our particle accelerator community will be invited to submit by the call deadline of 17 March 2020 a proposal for a collaborative project with an overall EC contribution of 10 Million €, for a duration of 4 years starting in May 2021.

As for previous proposals, the submission will be coordinated by the TIARA Collaboration Council (Test Infrastructure and Accelerator Research Area) and will be supported by the ongoing ARIES Integrating Activity Project. 

With the goal of preparing a coherent and ambitious proposal to develop technologies that can meet the increasingly challenging demands of accelerator users, TIARA and ARIES are launching a call for proposals for collaborative actions to be included in the final Workplan of the Innovation Pilot project.

The proposals should be prepared following the guidelines of the letter to the accelerator community and using this template, and sent to accelerator.innovation [@] before 31 August 2019.

An Evaluation Committee nominated by the TIARA Council members will analyse the proposals and select those that will be part of the final Innovation Pilot project to be submitted to the European Commission.


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