WP4: Efficient Energy Management (EEM)

Top view of the PSI Ring cyclotron, which delivers a continuous proton beam power of 1.4MW
for the production of intense muon and neutron beams (Image: PSI)


  • Coordinate and monitor WP4 activities
  • Organise and co-organise workshops related to the energy efficiency of particle accelerators perform specific studies on these topics:
    • Develop a very high efficiency klystron with adiabatic bunching
    • Investigate and document how to optimise the efficiency of neutron production targets
    • Evaluate schemes to operate pulse magnets including energy recovery
    • Improve acceleration in superconducting structures with low losses 


Task #

Task name

Task leader


Coordination and Communication

Mike Seidel (PSI)


High Efficiency RF Power Sources

Claude Marchand (CEA)


Increasing energy efficiency of the spallation target station

Michael Wohlmuther (PSI)


High Efficiency SRF power conversion

Frank Gerigk (CERN)


Efficient operation of pulsed magnets

Peter Spiller (GSI)


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