WP8: Advanced Diagnostics at Accelerators (ADA)



  • Coordinate and monitor WP8 activities
  • Contributing to the development of advanced instrumentation for hadron linacs, hadron synchrotrons, third generation light sources and free election lasers
  • Organization of topical workshops to intensify the discussion and exchange of knowledge between the accelerator laboratories
  • Sponsor short term exchange of personnel between the accelerator laboratories to realize common technical developments.


Task #

Task name

Task leader


Coordination and Communication

Peter Forck (GSI)


Advanced instrumentation for hadron LINACs

Peter Forck (GSI)


Advanced instrumentation for hadron synchrotrons

Rhodri Jones (CERN)


Advanced instrumentation for 3rd generation light sources

Francis Perez (ALBA CELLS)


Advanced instrumentation for FELs

Kay Wittenburg (DESY)

WP8 Events

Event Name Date Location Link
Simulation, design and operational experience of Ionization Profile Monitors  21-24 May 2017 GSI (Darmstadt, Germany) Indico
Topical Workshop on “Emittance Measurements for Light Sources and FELs 29-30 January 2018 ALBA Synchrotron (Barcelona, Spain) Indico


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