ARIES Factsheet available now

Our project factsheet has now been published and can be read here

ARIES TA scheme

The project offers support to access to 14 European testing facilities.

ARIES video

Learn more about the challenges of pushing accelerator technologies forward in our ARIES video!

ARIES Bulletin | Issue #2

The ARIES Bulletin reports events and information related to ARIES.

Simon van der Meer Award

Simon van der Meer Early Career Award in Novel Accelerators

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Electron and proton beam testing facilities

WP11 offers five facilities under the AIDA-2020 Transnational Access programme

Welcome to ARIES

ARIES is an Integrating Activity project which aims to develop European particle accelerator infrastructures, co-funded under the European Commission's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme.

Over four years, ARIES will work towards improving the performance, availability, and sustainability of particle accelerators, transferring the benefits and applications of accelerator technology to both science and society, and enlarging and integrating the European accelerator community.