PoC Proposal Guidelines

All proposals to the ARIES Proof-of-Concept fund must:

  • Respect the submission deadline as indicated. Late submissions will be disregarded.
  • Follow the required proposal template, including sections as detailed below. Download the template here.
  • Not exceed the maximum number of pages: 8



Background and Aim What is the funded research that will form the basis of this project? What is the aim of this application? Who will benefit from this project and subsequent commercialisation?
Technical Summary Provide a detailed account of the current status of the technology you are proposing and the plan for development. The summary should provide sufficient detail for the Evaluation Panel to assess fully the technical aspects of the proposed project.
Business Plan Please describe how you will investigate the development of a business plan, which will include a route to market. Describe the commercial opportunity, supported by market data, and the predicted investment and mechanism required post-project to take forward commercialisation. This should also include a summary of the current IP position.
Work Plan and Risk Analysis Detail specific work packages, assigning responsibility between partners if appropriate. Applicants should show that they have identified risks and developed alternative strategies to mitigate these. The applicants should consider both technical, programmatic and, where relevant, commercial risks.
Resources (budget) State the resources requested by the applicants and provide justification for them. The Panel can reduce resource requests if they feel there is insufficient justification.
Project Milestones & Deliverables Identify what the direct outputs will be at the end of this grant (please be specific).

Additional content:

Letters of Support:
Letters of support can be included from other relevant parties not directly involved in the project but who support the objectives, for example, potential end users. Letters should:

  • Be on headed paper and signed by a senior member of staff or director (the capacity in which the supporter is signing the letter should be stated) or an email with full contact details.
  • Be dated within six months of submission.
  • Detail their interest and involvement in the project in terms of specific objectives and desired outcomes together.
  • Detail the projected market size, customers and sales.
  • Describe how the company could commercialise the technology beyond the project.

Letters of Support do not count towards the total 8-page maximum for proposals.

For queries, please get in touch with the ARIES PoC Coordinators via: ARIES-PoC@cern.ch