Application and follow-up procedures

Step1 ⇒ The User Group Leaders are invited to contact the facility coordinator before beginning the formal application process in order to discuss the technical aspects and feasibility of the project and the eligibility of the user group.
Step2 ⇒ The User Group Leader should download, complete and send the ARIES TA application form to
Step3 ⇒ Each facility, following its own selection procedure, will forward the recommended project for decision of the relevant ARIES User Selection Panel. Proposals will be evaluated based on scientific merit whilst taking into consideration the availability of the facility and similar facilities in the users’ home country.The User Group Leader will be contacted by the ARIES TNA Office regarding the outcome of the selection.
Step4 ⇒ Once the application for TNA accesss has been accepted, all users (including remote access) will be asked to complete the TNA user e-registration form.
Step5 ⇒ When the project is completed, the user group leader and the facility coordinator need to sign a Confirmation of Beamtime, indicating the number of access units granted to the project and the users supported. The user group leader will also have to complete a TNA report, indicating the achievements of the project and the publications resulting from the activity. The users will be reimbursed for travel and subsistence expenses according to the local reimbursement rules and procedures of each facility. 
Step6 ⇒ User groups (except for SMEs) are required to publish results related to their ARIES Transnational Access. Publications should include the ARIES acknowledgement text.