Facilities offering TNA

The ARIES Transnational Access programme offers access to 14 different European facilities in five different domains. Further details each facility can be found on the specific facility pages listed below.

WP Type Access provider Infrastructure Installation Location Contact
WP9 Magnet testing CERN MagNet MagNet Switzerland Marta Bajko
UU FREIA Gersemi Sweden Roger Ruber
WP10 Material testing CERN HiRadMat HiRadMat Switzerland Yacine Kadi
GSI UNILAC M-branch Germany Daniel Severin
WP11 Electron and proton beam testing KIT ANKA KIT-ANKA Germany Robert Ruprecht
KIT FLUTE KIT-FLUTE Germany Robert Ruprecht
CEA IPHI IPHI France Jerome Schwindling
DESY SINBAD SINBAD Germany Florian Burkart
STFC VELA VELA UK Anthony Gleeson
WP12 Radiofrequency testing UU FREIA HNOSS Sweden Roger Ruber
CERN Xbox Xbox Switzerland Walter Wuensch
WP13 Plasma beam testing CNRS LULI APOLLON France Brigitte Cros
CEA LIDyL LPA-UHI100 France Brigitte Cros

Facilities available for access without TNA support

N/A Material testing PTB MELAF MELAF Germany Andreas Schüller

TA programme materials