LULAL (Lund University Laser Acceleration Laboratory) is located at the Lund High Power Laser Facility in Sweden. The infrastructure is dedicated to research with advanced ultra-short and ultra-intense lasers.

LULAL specialises in laser-driven beams of coherent and incoherent x-rays, fast ions and high-energy electrons. In particular, the facility is instrumental for a strong and very successful research programme on laser-based particle acceleration.


  • 60 TW peak power
  • 30 fs duration
  • 109 temporal contrast
  • 10 Hz repetition rate
  • Two interaction chambers
  • Several target system types
  • Suite of diagnostic instruments
  • Access to electron beam, produced by laser-plasma acceleration
    • 1-10 pC charge
    • 100-200 MeV energy
    • 2-5 fs. Duration
    • Few mm.mrad emittance
    • 30 fs probe laser beam

Support offered

Users will qualify laser and particle beams for the laser experiment prior to their arrival at the facility. The facility will arrange accommodation for users during their visit and provide information on the reimbursement of travel expenses.

User groups visiting LULAL are expected to be composed of 2-5 researchers from 1-3 institutes. Campaigns are expected to last around three weeks in total, including 40 hours of beam time per week.

Local staff, including engineers and researchers, will assist users during the campaign to ensure the best level of performance.


Interested parties are encouraged to contact the Facility Coordinator before beginning the formal application process with brief details of the test campaign proposal.

LULAL Facility Coordinator: Olle Lundh