WP16: Intense, RF modulated E-beams (IRME)


  • Coordinate and monitor WP16 activities
  • Define the fundamental requirements on electron lenses for space charge compensation and halo cleaning in hadron accelerators based on simulations and bench marking machine experiments
  • Derive requirements on an RF modulated electron gun for integration into such an electron lens
  • Design and manufacture such an RF modulated electron gun together with its power modulator
  • Design and build a test stand for testing this gun including instrumentation suitable for measuring the transverse and longitudinal profiles of the RF modulated electron beam
  • Measure the properties of the RF modulated electron beam created by the gun using this test stand


Task # Task name Task leader
16.1 Coordination and Communication David Ondreka (GSI)
16.2 System Integration David Ondreka (GSI)
16.3 Electron Gun and Power Modulator Martin Droba (IAP)
16.4 Test Stand and Beam Diagnostics Adriana Rossi (CERN)