WP3: Industrial and Societal Applications (ISA)

WP3 cable

Electron beam polymer cross-linking of cable insulation (Image: BARC-BRIT Complex, India)


  • Coordinate and monitor WP3 activities
  • Study current e-beam applications and investigate areas of improvement
  • Develop a standard electron beam unit
  • Study the use of electron beams in environmental, industrial and medical settings
  • Study, document and optimise the development of compact accelerators for radioisotope production


Task # Task name Task Leader
3.1 Coordination and Communication Rob Edgecock (HUD)
3.2 Low energy electron beam applications: new technology development Frank-Holm Roegner (FEP)
3.3 Low energy electron beam applications: new applications Andrzej Chmielewski (INCT)
3.4 Medium energy electron beams Angeles Faus-Golfe (IFIC)
3.5 Radioisotope production Concepcion Oliver (CIEMAT)