WP17: Materials for extreme thermal management (PowerMat)


  • Coordinate and monitor WP17 activities
  • Develop and characterize novel composite materials based on graphitic and metal matrices with carbide and diamond reinforcements
  • Online testing of materials behaviour under thermal shock (particle- or laser-beam induced) and irradiation
  • Investigate radiation damage using numerical and experimental approaches.
  • Identify and test novel materials for broader accelerator applications for high power targets, beam catchers, beam windows  and luminescence screens
  • Explore societal applications of these novel materials such as: advanced engineering, medical imaging, quantum computing, energy efficiency, aerospace, and thermal management


Task # Task name Task leader
17.1 Coordination and Communication Alessando Bertarelli (CERN)
Marilena Tomut (GSI)
17.2 Materials development and characterization Alessando Bertarelli (CERN)
17.3 Dynamic testing and online monitoring Lorenzo Peroni (POLITO)
17.4 Simulation of irradiation effects and mitigation method Anton Lechner (CERN)
17.5 Broader accelerator and societal application Marilena Tomut (GSI)