WP18: Very High Gradient Acceleration Techniques (VHGAT)


  • Coordinate and monitor WP18 activities
  • Produce design concept for a beam transport line for use in a multi-stage LWFA experiment at CILEX
  • Study acceleration in plasma waves driven by lasers with orbital angular momentum and corresponding radiation signatures
  • Design, manufacture and test dielectric structure for laser driver
  • Optimise ionization injection, plasma shaping and laser profile shaping.


Task # Task name Task leader
18.1 Coordination and Communication Arnd Specka (LLR)
18.2 Enabling multi-stage LWFA Antoine Chance (CEA)
18.3 LWFA with exotic laser beams Jorge Vieira (IST)
18.4 Laser driven dielectric accelerator Ulrich Dorda (DESY)
18.5 Pushing back the charge frontier Cedric Thaury (CNRS)