WP6: Accelerator Performance and Concepts (APEC)


  • Compilation and classification of processes causing performance degradation in hadron storage rings and synchrotrons; ranking of the identified mechanisms according to their relative importance; identification and prioritization of mitigation approaches
  • Establish standard body of RAMS knowledge for particle accelerator applications; compile and rank existing RAMS standards, methods and practices in major laboratories; analysis of optimal RAMS characteristics for particle accelerator systems; spreading the identified best RAMS practices in order to introduce a common baseline; assessing the feasibility of an Open Data Infrastructure for accelerator reliability
  • Review of existing strategies & methods for beam-impedance assessments and impedance models; proposing and evaluating novel methods to reduce accelerator impedance; identification or development of strategies for electron-cloud mitigation at future accelerators; conceptual design of advanced beam feedback systems for future machines
  • Expanding synergies between proposed future ERL projects and operating or soon-to-be-commissioned linacs, recirculating linacs and ERLs in Europe; establishing a parameter database for the various facilities; examining innovative and alternative ERL approaches; working out synergies between linac developers and source developers for optimum beam quality; identifying outstanding open questions and develop prioritized R&D guidelines.
  • Analysis of the potential of crystals for charged-particle bending or particle acceleration; development of advanced photon colliders, including gamma-gamma and photon-nucleon colliders; assessment of advanced muon-collider concepts without ionization cooling; assessment of the potential use of large storage rings for gravitational wave detection or generation; assessing and ranking a basket of future concepts with regard to “future feasibility” and physics cases; delivering a white list of ranked future options


Task #

Task name

Task leader

6.1 Coordination and communication Frank Zimmermann (CERN)
Giuliano Franchetti (GSI)<
6.2 Beam Quality Control in Hadron Storage Rings and Synchrotrons Giuliano Franchetti (GSI)
Frank Zimmermann (CERN)
6.3 Reliability and Availability of Particle Accelerators Johannes Gutleber (CERN)
Klaus Hoeppner (HIT)
6.4 Improved Beam Stabilization Mauro Migliorati (Sapienza & INFN)
Alessandro Drago (INFN-LNF)
6.5 Beam Quality Control in Linacs and Energy Recovery Linacs Florian Hug (JGU Mainz)
6.6 Far Future Concepts & Feasibility Marco Zanetti (INFN & U. Padova)
Frank Zimmermann (CERN)