WP11: Electron and proton beam testing


The IPHI radio-frequency quadrupole (Image: CEA/DRF/IRFU​)


  • Coordinate and monitor WP11 activities
  • To provide transnational access to electron and proton beam testing facilities:
    • ANKA at KIT
    • FLUTE at KIT
    • IPHI at CEA
    • SINBAD at DESY
    • VELA at STFC


Task # Task Name Task Leader
11.1 ANKA Jerome Schwindling (CEA)
11.2 FLUTE Robert Ruprecht (KIT)
11.3 IPHI Jerome Schwindling (CEA)
11.4 SINBAD Ulrich Dorda (DESY)
11.5 VELA Anthony Gleeson (STFC)

Further information on these facilities and how to apply can be found on the ARIES Transnational Access page.

View or download the WP11 facilities poster.