Task 2.4: E-learning course

ARIES Task 2.4 aims to create an e-learning course to serve as an introduction to accelerator science, engineering and technology, aimed at undergraduate students.

What? An e-learning course or 'Massive Open Online Course' (MOOC) on accelerator science, engineering and technology.
Why?  To give undergraduate students a crash course in accelerator science and allow them to make informed decisions in further study or career choices related to accelertor research. 
Who?  ARIES is a European R&D project organised by CERN, and Task 2.4 is led by CNRS. The MOOC is aimed at European undergraduate students in the physical sciences.
When? The work for the e-learning course kicked off mid 2017, and will continue until April 2020.
  • Survey existing e-learning initiatives in relevant physical sciences disciplines
  • Define the intellectual content of the e-learning course
  • Survey e-learning tools and select an appropriate tool
  • Set up the e-learning course in test mode
  • Define resources required to launch, maintain and run the course on a sustainable basis